Vietnam, Vietnam War, 101st Airborne, 3/187th
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Memories of my tour of Vietnam 68-69

Hello, my name is Val Wuthrich, in Vietnam I went by the nickname of Woody. After 40 years I have decided to share my memories of the Army and Vietnam. Some of those memories are as vivid today as they were 40 years ago. To this day some of those memories still give me chills and bring raw emotions to the surface. Hopefully you will find my stories of my experiences, my photos and my war memrobilia interesting. Please comment and subscribe. It is going to be an interesting experience, this blog.

Drafted into the Army

December 14, 2009

My draft notice arrived in the mail on a cold Idaho winter day at the beginning of 1968.  During the Army induction process that spring, they sat us all down in a classroom to fill out paper work and listen to one of the induction center officers go over everything.  At some point while we were sitting in […]

This picture was taken of me in a foxhole on “Hamburger Hill”. READ ME FIRST   Welcome to Vietnam 68-69.  This website chronicles my experiences during my tour of duty in Vietnam, as well as photographs of Vietnam and the men I served with in the 101st Airborne Division.  I was deployed to Vietnam from mid Oct of 1968 and […]

While on stand down I was assigned to re-qualify men on the proper use of and proficiency with their M-16 rifles.  After re-qualifying several men, a man came to the firing range line and stated that he did not want to fire his M-16.  By the way he was carrying his M-16 and from the […]

Our platoon was on patrol in the high northern mountains of South Vietnam.  Our patrol was crossing a large stream, that at the time wasn’t very deep, with many rocks exposed above the water.  It was late evening as we splashed across to the other side when one of the men ahead of me motioned […]

While our platoon was stationed at Firebase Long we heard a story of a soldier who just walked away from a firebase and disappeared into the jungle.   The story was that he didn’t take his weapon or anything else that anybody remembers.  Everybody was speculating why he would have walked off like that.   Some said he was probably going to […]

New guy with bug killer

January 25, 2013

O.D. can of military insecticide.

Yellow rain

November 24, 2010

We were stationed on a firebase overlooking the A Shau Valley one time.  The top of the firebase was bare with not a lot of protection from the elements.  On this particular day it was a mostly clear day with just a few clouds in the sky, not a bad day except the wind was […]

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