Vietnam, Vietnam War, 101st Airborne, 3/187th
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This page contains pictures that I took of the land and landscapes of Vietnam.  I took these pictures of the lowlands, mountains and mountain valleys of northern South Vietnam.  Some of them are aerial photos taken from Hueys.  Others were taken from hill tops and firebases.  We spent a lot of time in the Thua Thien and Quang Tri provinces west and north west of Hue.  I hope to someday find out where some of these places are.

Unknown mountain valley, somewhere west of Hue

Foothills with bomb craters

View from Huey of heavy weapons damage near DMZ

View from Huey of heavy weapons damage near DMZ

Lowlands and foothills as seen from our Huey headed to LZ in the mountains

Hill with fire base

Picture of lowland farms and village west of Hue.

Picture of farms and village taken from Huey

Picture taken from Huey of farms and farm houses

Picture of lowland farms and village.

Picture of lowland farms with foothills in the distance

Song Bo River with mountains in the distance

Picture taken from a Huey of lowlands river. M-16 flash suppressor in lower right of picture

Picture taken from Huey of lowlands with another Huey in the distance

Song Bo River snaking through the costal foothills west of Hue

Foothills from lowlands near Camp Evans

Farm with farm houses

Lowlands farm with farmers, their water buffaloe and farm houses

Lowlands, picture taken by me while riding in the back of a duece and a half

Picture of rice paddys, taken from moving duece and a half

Unknow river, possibly near Da Nang

Vietnamese celebration, possibly a wedding, along the Song Bo River

Cam Rahn Bay, where I spent time recovering from combat wounds

View of lowlands from foothills west of Hue.

View of river where we ambushed vietcong in a boat.

Mountain ridge trail. Unknown river in the distance.

 3 Responses to “Land”

  1. Edward Franklin says:

    Are there any pictures of what Vietnam is today – 2012? Are there any former military personnel who served here living in Vietnam today? Are there any books written about Vietnam comparing Then and Now?

  2. Woody says:

    Hello Edward, I found this website that has some incredible photos of Vietnam then and now. Here is the link,

    I don’t personally know of any Vietnam veterans that are living in Vietnam now, although I’m sure there are some. There are plenty of veterans that return for short visits.

    I was unable to find any photo books of Vietnam then and now. I found one book on Amazon but I don’t know for sure what it contains completely.
    That book is titled “Vietnam then and now”, the author is D. R. SarDesai. You might want to look into it.


  3. Steven E. Pearson says:

    I was a member of the 174th assualt helicopter company that was sent to Camp Evens on TDY. We brought 5 ships “Dolphines” up there in support of the 101st and 96th ? infantry. We all were shot down and we recovered only one. It was sling loaded back to camp from the rice paddy by a Chinnok and we were able to repair it and fly it back to Duc Pho. I cannot remember if this was in ’68 or ’69. What I do remember is, while there, it was the first time we came under fire from those 122mm rockets fired from the mountians. I saw a direct hit on a mess tent that made it dissappear with the guys in it. Also a squad was unloading a conex just across the ravin where our tent was when one landed just a few yards from them, all KIA.
    I was never more glad to leave any place as much as when we left Camp Evans.

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