Vietnam, Vietnam War, 101st Airborne, 3/187th
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I had a great time at the 41st Anniversary Hamburger Hill Chapter reunion.  I will be posting  pictures my wife and I took during the 2010 Hamburger Hill Reunion that was held in Clarksville, Tenn. 



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  1. Beth says:


    Id there a way to find the reunions? It is my understanding that Fort Campbell Holds these every year in May but I cant find anything online. My father who was in the 101st at Hamburger Hill has just recently moved close to Ft. Campbell and has made mention of visiting. I thought if there was one this year I could mention it to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Woody says:

    Hi Beth, I’m glad to hear from you. The 3/187th Hamburger Hill Reunion will be held again this year. The reunion is held every year with events in Clarksville and at Ft Campbell. It is a great event and I highly recommend that your father attend. I will forward an e-mail about the reunion to you and you can get it to your father. Thanks again for writing and please have your father visit my blog. Woody

  3. Bernie says:

    I was in C company I served under Joel Trautmann. I was wounded on Hamburger Hill. I just heard about the reunion at Fort Campbell. I would like to attend the reunion this year and see some old faces . Could you also send me information on this years reunion.
    Thank you ,
    Bernie Skonieczny

  4. Woody says:

    Hi Bernie, Good to hear from you. I can send you the information about the 3/187th “Hamburger Hill” chapter reunion. I will forward the e-mail about it to you after I finish this reply to you. I would like to hear more about your experiences in Vietnam, especially what you remember of “Hamburger Hill”. Woody

  5. William Ball says:

    I was the HHC/CSC company commander for 1/187th in 85-86. I am now the 187th Governor for the 101st Association.
    For 2012, you may want to attend the National Association reunion 14-18 August in Nashville, TN as a group. This will be a special reunion since it coincides with the week of the Eagles at FT Campbell. On Thursday of that week we will bus to the base to be hosted by our Regiment and view the Division pass in review and DMOR ceremonies. I think that today’s Rakkasans will want to see the 187th veterans there. On Friday, the active duty troopers will be invited to attend our banquet at the hotel. Again, we can work with your association for your particular needs. Contact Richard Schonberger at or myself. Thanks.

  6. Woody says:

    Hi William, Good to hear from you. I may be able to attend the reunion in 2012. I was planning to attend the Hamburger Hill Chapter of the 3/187th’s annual reunion in May of this year, but due to circumstances beyond my contol I will not be able to. Do you want me to pass this information along to the members I know? Please keep in touch. Woody

  7. Longley says:

    Bernie, I’m happy to hear your alive and doing well. What ever became of Jensen? I know you two were best of buddies in Vietnam. Longley

  8. My brother Sgt. William Hemmerick (Bud or Pappy?) served 68-69 with 101st 502 Para. Inf. strike force, Widow Makers. He was in Hue and at Hamburger Hill. He passed last Feb. . I would like know if anyone knew him or could hook me up with some that did. He only talked to me about what happened. I DONT REMEMBER alot of what was said. THANKS IN ADVANCE. Bernie Hemmerick and WELCOME HOME.

  9. Sally says:

    Hello, I have been looking for a Vietnam veteran named Glen Davis, possibly L. Glen Davis, who entrusted a collection of Vietnam photos to my Dad a long time ago in Minneapolis. We would like to return the photos to Mr. Davis. I see that a Glen Davis attended this reunion and would like to hear from him or from anyone who is in touch with him. Thank you very much.

  10. Anna Rae Gilder says:

    I hope that someone is reading this. I am looking for anyonw who knew my Uncle, Charles Thomas Hearn. He was on there… on the Hill. He came home but passed away 1083.

    thank you for your help,
    A Loving Niece,
    Anna Rae

  11. Anna Rae Gilder says:

    Please excue my many typos! My Uncle passed away in 1982.

  12. denny green says:

    A Co 3/187/101 1968-1969, nice website, hope more find it.

  13. Woody says:

    Hi Denny, Thanks for the positive comment. Do you have anything more you would like to share about your Vietnam experiences. We were both there during the same years. I would be interested to hear your stories. Woody

  14. Randy Dotts says:

    There is a Mr. Terry Simmons in SC stating he was one of the few survivors of Hamburger Hill. My dad served with the 101st and was there at D day and became a POW at the battle of the buldge. I am just trying to verify that Mr. Simmons did fight along with you heroic men. Thanks, Randy

  15. Woody says:

    Hi Randy, I don’t recall anyone in our, Charlie Co, by that name. I will try to verify if Terry Simmons was with the 3/187th. Can you get any further details from him?

  16. Amanda Bennett says:

    Hi. My name is Amanda Bennett. My dad was on Hamburger Hill. He was in 101st. I am trying to find anyone who may have known him. His name was Gary A. Davis. My dad joined in 1967, and was honorably discharged in 1977. He died in 2006. I know it was a part of his life he didn’t really want to talk about, as a lot of veterans don’t. But I can’t seem to find anyone who may have known him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He was from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. And he was 18 or 19 when this happened. I would really appreciate any information.

  17. Amanda Campbell-Riddle says:

    Hello, I am looking for someone who may know Howard D. Campbell with the 101st Airborne, my father. He served from 1968- February 1969. I’m trying to find anyone who might be able to share memories with him. He doesn’t really like talking about it but we are trying to help with some past stress for him. He went by Dennis or Denny. I can send pictures of him as well!

    Thank you,


  18. Woody says:

    Hi Amanda, Can you provide the particulars of the unit he served with. I was with Charlie company of the 3/187th, 101st Airborne. It is so hard to reconnect with the guys you served with. I will be glad to help in anyway I can. You can e-mail photos to me –

  19. Rick Freeman says:

    I was an attack helo pilot with the ARA…Griffin. We lived in the valley at Fire Base Currahee 7km south of 937 the whole summer of ’69, flew many missions on the hill and afterward in the valley until we vacated because of weather in September.
    I found out about the association from some Rakkasans at Kandahar. I just got back from there flying ISR for the US.
    If there is a news letter put me on your list.

    In Patriotism,

    Rick Freeman
    Griffin 93C
    C/4/77 ARA
    3rd Bde
    101 Abn Div

  20. Rick Herzig says:

    I am looking for someone that might have known SP 4 Mike Gerber. I am a high school friend of Mikes and now live in Thailand.
    I am planing a trip to Viet Nam as I spent 3 years in country myself. Any news welcome. RIP Mike, love you man.

    Rick Herzig

  21. Thomas White says:

    I’m looking for someone who was under Stg Wendal Honeycutt in 1969 May 10-20 when we took hamburger hill. I am a survivor an would like to talk to anyone left from my Paltom. Hollow at me you no you no me. An remember IT DONT MEAN NOTHING!

  22. Joshua says:

    My father in law, Mike Casey, fought , I believe with company B 3/187th at Hamburg, anyone out there recall him. I’d love to put him in contact with old buddies.

    -E-mail reply from Joshua-

    Hello Woody,
    My father-in-law is Michael B. Casey. He served with Company B 3/187th. I mentioned to him having found this just yesterday on Memorial Day. I also said that on the page I found no mention of Company B, only A & C companies. He said Bravo was the first on the hill, that he was ahead of your units. I’ll try and get you anything else you need and may just put Mike in touch with you, he seemed interested and I know those who were there help him a lot. He has been on 100% disability from the VA for about 10 years now, primarily due to Agent Orange, PTSD, and shrapnel in his knee.

    Thanks so much for the reply I hope this can lead somewhere good for Mike. Joshua

  23. Woody says:

    Joshua, If your father-in-law wants to, he can contact me via e-mail at my personal address,, or by phone 2087208239. I would love to hear from him.

  24. Chris Applin says:

    I was with Mike Casey in B Co., he will remember me and Bob Brydges, Sgt Robinson and Lt. Bennet 585 797 4668.

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