Vietnam, Vietnam War, 101st Airborne, 3/187th
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War Buddies

This page contains pictures of soldiers that I knew during the Vietnam War.  I don’t remember everybodies name, which is a shame.  I hope I will be able to put names to all the people that I served with in the 1st Platoon.  As you can imagine, we had new guys joining 1st Platoon all the time.  Some of the guys were new to our platoon as I was getting to be a ‘short timer’ in Vietnam.


3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, Company C, 3/187th, 101st Airborne:

3rd Squad - Ed Raines in shirt, Sgt Alvin Dunn, unkown, Jack Schmitz, Ray Fleming, unknown with hand on chin and Ralph Crutts crouching.

 Sp4 – Jeff Crabtree:

Jeff/Jerry 'Hillbilly' Crabtree

 SP4 – Jack Schmitz with Woody:

Jack Schmitz & Val 'Woody' Wuthrich

Val ‘Woody’ Wuthrich and Ralph Crutts:

Val 'Woody' Wuthrich and Ralph Crutts

 Sgt Alvin Dunn and Sgt Roman Perez:

Sgt Alvin Dunn and Sgt Roman Perez at Camp Evans or Eagle.

Sgt Alvin Dunn:

Sgt. Dunn at fire base near A Shau Valley.


Sgt - Name unknow.


Alfredo Hernandez and Greg West:

Alfredo Hernandez and Greg West at firebase


 Wilkerson and Val ‘Woody’ Wuthrich at LZ

Wilkerson with Val 'Woody' at LZ

Wilkerson with Val 'Woody' at LZ

ARVN soldier and Acker: 

ARVN and unknown buddy, I think he was a Sergeant, standing at LZ

ARVN and Acker at mountain LZ

 Val ‘Woody’ Wuthrich and Wilson:

Val 'Woody' Wuthrich with Wilson at firebase near A Shau Valley

Jack Schmitz and Val ‘Woody’ Wuthrich:

Jack Schmitz and Val 'Woody' Wuthrich


Hunter on fire base.

Val ‘Woody’ Wuthrich and Nohn: 

Val, 'Woody' with Nohn, a Kit Carson Scout attached to Charlie Company.

Val, 'Woody' with Nohn, a Kit Carson Scout attached to Charlie Company.

 Jack Schmitz:

Jack Schmitz at firebase

 Jack Schmitz and Ralph Crutts:

Jack Schmitz and Ralph Crutts at firebase


Unknown war buddies playing cards late in the day at a firebase


Unknown war buddy at firebase.

Unknown soldier between ARVN soldiers: 

War Buddy between two ARVN soldiers, with me trying to get into the picture.

Val ‘Woody’ Wuthrich and Ed Raines: 

Raines giving me a 'G.I.' haircut on a firebase. I'm drinking a beer, it's probably a warm one.


Bell at camp Evans, writing a letter home.

 Unknown buddy:

Unknown buddy on firebase near A Shau Valley

Unknown buddy on firebase near A Shau Valley

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  1. jerry carroll says:

    I was in Viet Nam Marines 1968. They show no record of me being there? I am in need of a buddy letter. Any ideas or direction is greatly appreciated.

  2. Peter McJunkin says:

    That last photo, of the unknown buddy, that’s gotta be Jesse Ventura.

  3. Woody says:

    Jesse Ventura was in the Navy. There is a similarity in their looks though.

  4. Woody says:

    It would be cool to have been in the same 101st unit as Ventura!

  5. Anthony Wolfe says:

    Loved it. I learnt a stack of really good things from this. Keep up the good work

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